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What Happens When the Plan you Prepared Takes an Unexpected Turn


By: Melissa Wick, JD, and Teresa Nuccio, JD
Recorded live August 26, 2016

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By: Melissa Wick, JD, and Teresa Nuccio, JD
Recorded live August 26, 2016

Elder Law Masters Course Session

You prepare the most secure MAPT you and the client could possibly draft – independent trustee, trustworthy lifetime beneficiaries… a lawyer’s dream. Just months later, the grantor is in serious car accident with head trauma and will need 24 hour care the rest of his life. With assets “tied up” in the MAPT what can be done?

In another case, you prepared a gifting plan with a promissory note that was signed by all parties. Then you learn the client failed to tell you about prior gifts, or an asset they didn’t think counted. These are just a few of the unexpected scenarios that will be explored with solutions offered during this session.

Length: 50 minutes


How long is this course?
51 minutes.

When can I take this course?
Once you select to take this course, it will be available to you 24/7. There is no expiration date or time limit for completion, so study at your own pace.

Are there any course materials?
There are no downloadable materials for this course.

How much is this course?
$150 retail and $125 for ElderCounsel Members.

Will my progress be saved if I have to leave?
Yes! Any progress you make on this course will be saved so you can pick up where you left off.