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Special Needs Planning and Drafting Immersion Camp – May 2023


Full Day Course: May 25, 2022, 11:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. ET
Presenters: Steve Dale, LL.M., Esq. and Jennifer Steneberg, J.D.

Online Location: Live streaming via Zoom

 Earn up to 6 hours credit depending on jurisdiction

Registration includes access to the April 25, 2023 recorded course An Introduction to Special Needs Planning (a $125 value!).

Price: $695
Reserve your seat for $250 (remaining balance will be charged 3 business days before the course)

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Special needs planning is a wonderfully rewarding practice area but it can feel daunting to know where to start the learning process. This camp will touch on the legal issues you will confront when counseling families facing the unique challenges inherent with this work. There are a multitude of factors specific to each case and we will discuss how to better understand the issues each file presents. We will also focus on marketing and business procedures other practitioners have used to add this planning area as an important and profitable part of their law practices.

At the Special Needs Planning and Drafting Immersion Camp, we will walk you through the documents, planning techniques, and marketing strategies particular to this practice area. This camp was specifically created to mix the legal and the practical so you can apply the lessons learned right away.



First Party Special Needs Trusts Methods of Distributions
This segment will focus on how to make distributions to beneficiaries including paying for needs directly, using credit cards, True Link Cards, and ABLE Accounts.

Third Party Trust Tax Treatment
Special Needs Trusts can be a valuable tax planning tool. We will review the basics of taxation of special needs trusts including utilization of qualified plans. Attendees will also learn how to work with tax professionals to harness the power of a special needs trust as a tax planning tool and increase referrals.

Qualified Plans and the SECURE Supplemental Needs Trust
The SECURE Act changed who is entitled to stretch required minimum distributions of an inherited retirement account. Beneficiaries who are disabled or chronically ill are among groups entitled to this benefit. We will discuss the corresponding trust available in ElderDocx® and how to use it effectively.

Building Your Special Needs Planning Practice
Steve Dale and Jennifer Steneberg will discuss building a successful special needs practice using specific marketing techniques for the special needs planning practice area. Learn how to stay top-of-mind, attract new clients, and set your business apart from the competition during a time when in-person marketing is not an option.

Third Party Trusts and Housing
The residential needs of beneficiary of special needs trusts are often the greatest issues that families face. This section will review different options to meet that need as well as how to minimize the loss of benefits if the beneficiary is receiving SSI.

Designing Special Needs Trust and Drafting Tips
You’ve learned the law, now it’s time to look at how to design and draft special needs trusts. This session will review several design options, the impact of choosing those options, and drafting pitfalls to beware of.


Webcast Requirements
This event requires a great deal of participation from attendees. We ask that you prepare accordingly by following the guidelines below:

  1. Be prepared to share your webcam. This will allow attendees and presenters to see you and more easily interact with you during the event.
  2. Be sure your Internet speed will support streaming the workshop.
    • You must have an Internet connection with a minimum speed of 10 Mbps. We strongly recommend a wired connection. You may learn your speed at
    • A quiet place without interruptions
    • A working microphone
    • Google Chrome as your recommended browser
    • Close other applications and bandwidth heavy items such as cloud applications that require continuous syncing
    • Headphones are recommended for listening.
  3. If at all possible, make plans to participate from a location outside of your office. This event requires participation from attendees and if you are interrupted by work demands you (and other attendees) will not get the full benefit from the event and it will be disruptive for everyone.
  4. Come ready to participate, learn, and have fun!


Cancellation Policy: Any enrollee in an ElderCounsel course (excluding online courses in the Learning Center) that cancels:

  • More than 10 business days in advance of the start of the course will be eligible for a full refund;
  • Within 3-10 business days of the start of a course, will be charged a $250 cancellation fee; and
  • Less than 3 business days prior to the start of the course, will not receive a refund.

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