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RLT Online Drafting Camp (download)


The RLT Camp will consist of 3 webinars where attendees will receive instruction on the crucial design and tax issues associated with drafting revocable living trusts for elder law, special needs and veterans pension planning clients.

Topics Covered:

  • RLT’s Place in Medicaid Planning
  • Disinheriting the Spouse
  • Joint Trust Administration After First Death

Length: 90 minutes per session, 3 sessions total

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A detailed agenda for each session is below:

Session 1

  • RLT’s Place in Medicaid Planning
  • RLT Structure—The Big Picture
  • Joint Trust v. Individual Trust
  • Companion Will v. Pour-Over Will
  • Contingent Supplemental Needs Trust
  • More on the Joint Trust Structure
  • Specific Distributions in a Joint Trust

Session 2

  • Disinheriting the Spouse
  • Marital Deduction Planning (or Not)
  • Spousal SNT in Companion Will
  • Forcing the Spousal SNT
  • Contingent Spousal SNT Trigger
  • Marital/Non-Marital Division
  • Survivor’s Trust
  • QTIP Trust
  • Bypass Trust

Session 3

  • The RLT Interview
  • Residuary Beneficiary Options
  • Descendant Distribution Options
  • Incapacity of Grantor v. Incapacity of Others
  • Joint Trust Administration After First Death

Recorded July 29-31, 2014

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