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Package: Symposium 2017 – ALL Sessions (audio download)


By ordering this product, you will receive ALL of the sessions that took place at the 2017 Symposium including keynotes and breakout sessions. (Sessions delivered via MP3 audio file and presentation as a PDF)


The Symposium is the best education event of the year for estate planning and elder law professionals. This special conference is full of valuable learning, collaboration and guidance. Symposium 2017 was 2 ½ days of presentations. The sessions were a mix of 90-minute classroom breakouts and 60-minute sessions, presentations and panel discussions. Tracks include elder law, estate planning, practice development, business planning, and keynote presentations.

By ordering this product, you will receive ALL of the sessions that took place at the 2017 Symposium including keynotes and breakout sessions. (Sessions delivered via MP3 audio file and presentation as a PDF)

Warning – These files are large and make take a while to download!

55 sessions included!

Elder Law Sessions

  • (Basic) Leveraging Your Relationship with Your Local Medicaid Office ‐ Why You Can’t Afford Not To (Jason Penrod, Michele Procino‐Wells, Todd Whatley, R. Scott Stewart, Melissa Crump)
  • (Advanced) Mom & Pop’s Shop: Elder Law Planning for the Family Business (Neel Shah)
  • (Basic) You Complete Me: Client Maintenance Programs (Vincent Russo)
  • (Advanced) Understanding the Future of Elder Law (Valerie Peterson, Howard Krooks)
  • Elder Law Update (Howard Krooks, Vincent Russo, Lou Pierro)
  • (Basic) Parental Protection Trust, Say What?! (Brian Albee, Lou Pierro)
  • Decanting and Friends ‐ Modifying Irrevocable Trusts, Part 2 (Foss Hooper, Jennifer Johnson, Steve Oshins)
  • Lifestyles of the Healthy and Happy: How to Have Both (Valerie Peterson)
  • (Basic) “Lights, Camera, Action” Utilizing an Annuity to Perfect a VA or Medicaid Plan (Dale Krause)
  • (Advanced) Why Elder Law Clients Have to Worry About Divorce, Addiction, and Unknown Creditors (Brian Albee)
  • (Basic) California Elder Law Update (Scott Stewart)
  • (Basic) Planning for Successful Aging (Dennison Keller, Lou Pierro)
  • Multiplying Your Reach Through Professional Relationships (Gray Strickland, Rex Russell)
  • (Basic) “Fun, Fun, Fun” with Special Needs Tax Effects (Steve Dale)
  • (EC Practice Development) Show Me The Money: Increasing Revenue Through Public Seminars (Sarah Kons, Peter Harbach)
  • 10 Ways to Improve your Initial Consultation (Steve Riley)
  • (Advanced) Decisions, Decisions: Deciding Between Medicaid and VA Pension (Whitney Wilson)
  • (Basic) VA Pension Planning, What’s Hot and What’s Not (Whitney Wilson, Victoria Collier)
  • (Practice Development) Where Are All of the Elder Law Clients? (Alan Press, Jason Penrod)

Trusts & Estates Sessions

  • Income Tax Basis, the Second Time Around (Tim Voorhees, Mark Ziebold)
  • What Estate Planners Need to Know About Environmental Laws (Patricia O’Toole)
  • Understanding and Applying the 2017 Tax Act (Robert Keebler)
  • Decanting and Friends ‐ Modifying Irrevocable Trusts, Part 1 (Foss Hooper, Jennifer Johnson, and Steve Oshins)
  • The Digital Afterlife ‐ How it Affects Today’s Estates (George Constant, Lee Poskanzer)
  • Thriving in Estate Planning, Part 1 & 2 (Bill Conway, Stan Miller, Lou Pierro, Carl Waldman)
  • Ethics in Moonlight, er, La La Land (Sam Donaldson)
  • Increase Your Settlement Revenue by Setting Up Stand‐Alone Beneficiary Trusts (Edward F. “Foss” Hooper)
  • Understanding the UVTA and Its Impact on Asset Protection Planning (Jonathan Mintz)
  • Current Developments, or “May you live in interesting times” (David K. Cahoone, Matthew T. McClintock)
  • California Dreamin’ ‐ Advanced Planning and Drafting with Wealth Docx in California, Part 1 & 2 (Peter Myers, Sean Kenney)
  • Trust Administration: How Today’s Planning Decisions REALLY Impact the Next Generation (Kristin Yokomoto)
  • Regulatory and Tax Law Update (Henna Shah)
  • The Bespoke Trust Protector ‐ Tailoring the Role to Suit the Strategy (Matthew McClintock)
  • Business Transition as an Estate Planning Attorney’s Tool (Melisa Silverman, Joe Strazzeri)

Business Law Sessions

  • Organizing and Advising Limited Liability Companies (Phillip L. Jelsma)
  • Practical Business Law ‐ PD/Drafting Focused (Jenny Villier and Heather Satin)
  • An Estate Planner, Business Planner and Tax Attorney Walk into a Bar … (Neel Shah, J. Mintz, D. Capobianco, M. Oblasser)
  • Using Business Maintenance Plans to Retain Clients (Doug Goldberg)
  • Structuring Transactions Using LLCs: Opportunities and Pitfalls (Marty Oblasser)
  • Risky Business ‐ Are Your Independent Contractors Actually Employees? (Galia Aharoni, JD)
  • Advanced Taxation of LLCs, Part 1 & 2 (Whitney Sorrell and Peter Parenti)

Practice Development & Marketing Sessions

  • Mining Gold from the Personal Information Form (Eden Rose Brown)
  • Six Figures on Autopilot ‐ How a client care system can generate more than $100,000 a year in three years or less. (Featuring members who have done just that) (Vinnie Bonazzoli, Julia Nickerson, Josh Dorcey, Steve Riley, Cameron Jones)
  • Ethics: Overcoming Potential Conflicts when Representing Parents, Children, Trustees, and Beneficiaries (Todd Whatley)
  • Navigating the Transition to Estate Planning (Heinz Brisske)
  • Is Your Price Right? Communicating Value to Prospects (Steve Riley)
  • The Chamber of Double Your Revenue Secrets (Steve Riley)
  • The Collaborative Introduction: Developing Advisors as Advocates (Joe Strazzeri & Steve Mancini)
  • Experienced attorney peer roundtable: Problems we’ve faced and how we solved them. (Kevin Forbush, Eden Rose Brown, Nathan Nelson)
  • Overcoming the Commoditization Trap (Craig Hersch)
  • The Illuminating Interview: Making Connections that Last and Bear Fruit Forever (Martha Hartney)

Keynote Presenters

  • Pushing Beyond Limits to Achieve Success (Bonner Paddock)
  • How to Balance Happiness and Technology in the Digital Era (Amy Blankson)

Recorded live: October 3-6, 2017, Symposium 2017 (Hollywood, California)