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Foundational Membership


ElderCounsel Membership
$395 Initial Payment
See details below:



Looking to add elder law to your practice but unsure where to start? The Foundational Membership focuses on giving you relevant elder law education so you can ramp up your legal technical knowledge. For more information about qualifying for this membership, contact [email protected]

Initial Four Month Term: Member will pay $395.00 each month for the initial four-month term of this Agreement. The first payment is due and payable at the time of purchase of this product. We will automatically charge the remaining three (3)payments of $395.00, of the Initial Four Month Term, on or around the same day of each month, with the 2nd payment beginning no less than 30 days after the effective date. During the Initial Four Month Term, Member will have a limited individual access membership.

The access will be limited to on-demand educational resources. Member will not have access to ElderDocx or other benefits of membership until the 15 Day Trial Period has begun (as defined below). If Member would like access to ElderDocx and the other benefits of membership prior to completion of the Initial Four Month Term,this Agreement will be amended through mutual agreement.

Elder Law Immersion and Practice Building Camp (ELIC): Member is required to attend an ELIC during the Initial Four Month Term. One,individual tuition to attend the three-day ELIC is considered paid by the payments made during the Initial Four Month Term. Attendance at the ELIC can be satisfied via online streaming or in-person attendance. Any travel or hotel expenses to attend the ELIC in-person are solely Member’s responsibility.

15-Day Trial Period: Upon the fulfillment of Member’s obligations during the Initial Four Month Term, Member is granted full access to the ElderCounsel Membership Benefits including full access to the ElderDocx drafting software for 15 days without additional charge (15 Day Trial Period).

During the 15 Day Trial Period, Member has the option of canceling any future payment obligations. Member shall notify ElderCounsel in writing of the intent to cancel this Agreement within the 15 Day Trial Period and any and all obligations of both parties will be canceled.

Access to the Membership Benefits will be terminated immediately upon the receipt of proper notice of cancellation. If no notice of cancellation is received during the 15 Day Trial Period,the contract term shall automatically continue for a term of 20 months.

Second 20-month Term: Member will pay $695.00 per month during the subsequent twenty months and payment will be automatically drawn from the payment method used during the Initial Four Month Term without additional notice. At the beginning of the Second 20-month Term, the Membership Benefits shall extend to the law firm subject to the terms and conditions stated in Paragraph 2 of the Membership Terms and Conditions. After completion of the 24-month Membership Term, Membership automatically renews at the then-current monthly membership rate unless notice of desire to terminate is provided as set out in the “Membership Terms and Conditions” attached to this Agreement and incorporated by reference.