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Dealing with Changed Circumstances in Irrevocable Trusts: Decanting, Trust Protectors (audio)


By: Louis Pierro, Esq. and Matthew McClintock, J.D.Z
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Recorded: July 18, 2014


Have you ever had a client come into your office with a trust plan that they would pay big bucks to get out of? Many lawyers simply shrug and say, “There’s nothing you can do”. Getting out of a bad situation is never easy, but you can be the attorney with the answers who can command those large fees. Over 20 states have decanting statutes, and use of this technique has risen dramatically in recent years. Attorneys who represent clients with “bad” trusts should be aware of the remedies, which will be explored.

Topics Covered:

  • Un-needed IRT’s
  • Drafting/Strategic Strategies
  • Decanting and Trust Protectors