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Crucial Conversations with Clients (2-part session audio download)


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2-Part Session

Part 1, The Impact of Illness on Family Relationships: Last year a husband was charged (and later found not guilty) of rape of his wife with dementia.  Dementia can wreak havoc on couples and their loved ones, especially as the disease progresses to the point where the spouse with dementia no longer recognizes their spouse or family members.  It is an important for elder law attorneys to discuss these important issues while both spouses are healthy and have little or no  memory issues.  This unique session will provide ways to introduce sensitive topics in a respectful way, from both the attorney’s side and with input from a family therapist.

Part 2, Family Issues That Impact Elder Law Planning: This session will focus on how to address sensitive issues involving a client’s family:  Is divorce or separation ever an option?  What should happen to pets that a client owns? Who should be involved in the planning and to what extent?  These issues and more will be addressed during this session.

Includes: MP3 audio file and PDF of PowerPoint presentation.

This was 1 of 13 elder law breakout sessions at Symposium 2016.

Recorded live: October 21, 2016, Symposium 2016 (Reston, Virginia)

Once your order has been placed, you will find the course in your profile under the DOWNLOADS section. Audio and materials for each session are downloadable.