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Are In Person Initial Consultations a Thing of the Past?


By: Michael J. Amoruso, Esq., Amoruso & Amoruso


By: Michael J. Amoruso, Esq., Amoruso & Amoruso

The “traditional” model of meeting a client for the first time involves the client coming to you, finding a place to park, then finding your office where they sit in the waiting room until being ushered into your conference room. With technology as it exists today, is this still necessary? Can you connect with a potential client and get hired without physically sitting across the table from them? We say yes. Michael Amoruso, ElderCounsel Principal and owner of Amoruso & Amoruso, will share how (and why) he has moved to web-based initial consultations and has achieved impressive results by doing so.

Topics Covered: 

  • The Modern Conference Room
  • Technology Requirements
  • Conducting the Consult
  • Review of Draft Documents

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