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Annuities and Promissory Notes in Medicaid Planning (download)


Presented by Louis W. Pierro, Esq., Pierro Law Group and Dale Krause, Esq., Krause Financial Services


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The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 had a great deal to say about Medicaid asset transfers, look-back periods, and the penalty period, with rules designed to prohibit any asset transfers within the new five-year look-back, and specifically to eradicate use of “rule-of-halves” planning. It also defined DRA compliant annuities and promissory notes, giving new tools to work with when counseling clients on achieving Medicaid eligibility. We will discuss recent court decisions that carve out the use of annuities for a community spouse and promissory notes for a Medicaid applicant, along with the techniques that provide the basis for crisis planning.

Topics Covered:

  • What is Crisis Planning?
  • Annuity Solutions
  • Case Studies
  • Promissory Note Solutions
  • Counseling through the Crisis