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Anatomy of a Social Security Disability Case


By: Linda DeWitt, Esq.

CLE: Up to 4 hours
Length: 4 hours


By: Linda DeWitt, Esq.

Social Security is not just for the retired population. Disability is not just for those injured workers among our younger population. A Social Security disability case may be the best legal strategy for an older worker who is closely approaching retirement age, yet has been stricken with an injury or illness that now prevents work.

This course will provide you with an overview of the process for adjudicating a disability claim, key tips for representing older claimants, and instruction on how to receive fees for your services.

Topics covered:

  • Administrative process
  • Two types of benefits: SSDI, SSI
  • The law and where to find it
  • The five-sequential-step process
  • Medical evidence
  • Vocational evidence
  • How to get paid


CLE: Up to 4 hours
Length: 4 hours

Pre-approved in: AR (4), CA (4), CO (2), FL (5), IL (4), IN (2), MO (2.4), NJ (4), NY (4), OH (2), PA (4), TX (4), WI (4.5). Pending: GA, NC. Due to distance learning program rules, this course will not be accredited in: DE, KS, and SC. Attorney will self apply in states not listed.

Many states have strict restrictions on pre-recorded (also called on-demand or distance learning) courses. Please review your State Bar’s rules or ElderCounsel’s CLE guide by state to determine if you are eligible to receive CLE for this course before viewing.


Who’s this course for?
Anyone getting started in Elder Law, returning to Elder Law after an extended period, or those wanting to brush up on their knowledge.

How long is this course?
Uninterrupted, the video portions of this course should last approximately 3 hours 40 minutes, but we’d suggest allowing for around 4 hours.

When can I take this course?
Once you select to take this course, it will be available to you 24/7. There is no expiration date or time limit for completion, so study at your own pace.

Are there any course materials?
Yes! Most course modules will have an accompanying set of  materials that often include PDF work sheets and handouts, audio files, Excel sheets and other materials that you can download – and this course is no different. You’ll be able to download any materials you need on the corresponding module or section page.

How much is this course?
Anatomy of a Social Security Disability Case is a $395, or $295 for ElderCounsel Members!

Will my progress be saved if I have to leave?
Yes! Any progress you make on this course will be saved so you can pick up where you left off.