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Advanced Medicaid Planning Series: Parts IV and V (Download)


By: Vincent J. Russo, J.D., LL.M, CELA. & Michael J. Amoruso, Esq.


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Part IV: Trouble Areas in Crisis Planning
Topics Covered:

  1. What to do with IRAs that are countable
  2. Avoiding estate recovery on the home
  3. How to get a crisis plan done with no “proper” donees
  4. How to deal with problem children
  5. Balancing VA benefits with Medicaid

Part V: Making Sense of the Grantor Trust Rules
Topics Covered:

  1. When you want grantor trust status (Medicaid and VA)
  2. Why you want an intentionally defective trust for Medicaid but not VA
  3. How to preserve the 121 exemption
  4. When a toggle power is appropriate
  5. When is a limited power of appointment appropriate – lifetime vs. testamentary