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Advanced Medicaid Planning Series: Part I and II (Download)


By: Howard Krooks, Esq., CELA and Valerie Peterson, JD


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Part I: Dealing With Irrevocable Trust Problems You Didn’t Create
Attorneys often inherit trusts they did not draft and that have numerous drafting problems. Some of those problems include a credit shelter trust unfavorable provisions, or the grantor is named as a lifetime beneficiary. This session will address how to deal with problems like these in trusts drafted by someone else.
Length: 40 minutes

Part II: The Grantor Gets Sick Sooner Than You Expect – Now What? 
What happens when the best laid plans get interrupted because the grantor falls ill during the lookback period?  This session will cover the options available when this happens:  waiting vs. getting funds out of the trust, collapsing the trust, paying out to lifetime beneficiaries, then returning the money, and other options.
Length: 41 minutes