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Non attorney ELIC
An Introduction to Special Needs Planning
Creating and Delivering Effective Presentations
A Client-Centered Approach to Initial Consultations
Elder Law Immersion Camp for Non-Attorneys
Comprehensive Planning Strategies for Wartime Veterans
Elder Law Immersion & Practice Building Camp
ELIC Event Recordings
Trouble in Paradise: Navigating Elder Law Ethics
Getting Hired: A Client-Centered Approach to Initial Consultations
An Introduction to Special Needs Planning Recordings
ELIC Recordings
Advanced VA Pension Planning Webinar
VA Camp Aug 2020
ELIC Recordings
Medi-Cal Crisis Planning
ELIC Recordings
ELIC Recordings
Reinforced and 3-Hole Punched Paper
ELIC Recordings
Special Needs Planning & Drafting Immersion Camp Recordings - Dec 2019
VA Drafting & Immersion Camp Oct 2019 Recordings
Special Needs Planning Camp Recordings
ELIC Recordings
None Attorney ELIC
An Intro to Veterans Benefits Planning
ELIC Recordings
ELIC Recordings
Protecting Farmland and Other Income Producing Property
Advanced Medi-Cal Planning 2017
How to Perform the (seemingly) Impossible: The Non-Lawyer Initial Consultation
VAPT Online Drafting Camp
Veterans Pension Planning Immersion Camp (2018)
Tab Sets
Trust administration portfolio
Special Needs Planning Immersion Camp 2018
Medicaid Asset Protection Trust Drafting Camp
Revocable Living Trust Drafting Camp
Generating Clients (and Revenue) with Elder Law (marketing content)
Presentation to Clients: Protect Your Home and Savings
Crucial Conversations with Clients (marketing content)
Ramp up Your Client Base During the Holidays
Package: Symposium 2017 Elder Law Track
Symposium 2017 - ALL Sessions (audio download)
Medi-Cal A-Z (2017)
Office Landmines That Costs Business and How to Avoid Them
Anatomy of a Social Security Disability Case
Elder Law Ethics (2016)
Elder Law Track (13 sessions - audio download)
Your Future Elder Law Practice (audio download)
A Tale of 2 (or More) Solutions: Medicaid Planning (audio download)
A Tale of 2 (or More) Solutions: VA Pension Planning (audio download)
Medicaid Asset Protection Trust (MAPT) Drafting Workshop
Special Needs Trusts Drafting Workshop
ABLE Accounts are Here, Now What are You Going to do With Them
Lifetime Trust Administration - The Practical Side
Enhancing Your Value in a Technology Driven Society
What Happens When the Plan you Prepared Takes an Unexpected Turn
Medicaid Planning for Wartime Veterans - The Balancing Act
Are In Person Initial Consultations a Thing of the Past?
Foundations in Tax Planning
Medicaid Appeals and Fair Hearings
How to Run a Weekly Team Meeting
Ways to Give Constructive Feedback to Your Support Staff
When are Transfers to a MAPT or VAPT Completed Gifts?
Ways to Ask Clients for Referrals
Problems and Opportunities as LGBT Marriage Rights Rollout
Hot Topics in VA Pension Planning: Selling the Home (download)
Understanding the New ABLE Act
Special Needs Trusts Drafting Camp (download)
Dealing with Changed Circumstances in Irrevocable Trusts
How to Prepare and File a VA Pension Application Efficiently and Successfully
One Size Does Not Fit All: Pricing Strategies for Elder Law and Special Needs Planning (download)
Planning for the Special Needs Client: A Primer for Estate Planning Attorneys (download)
Til Death Do Us Part or One of Us Needs Medicaid: What Every Senior Needs to Know (Download)
Planning for the Unexpected: How to Undo a Medicaid Asset Protection Plan (Download)
Entering Special Needs Planning from the Ground Floor
Tools for Creating an Excellent Law Firm Culture
Planning Strategies for an Aging Population (audio download)
Advanced Medicaid Planning Series: Parts IV and V (Download)
Advanced Medicaid Planning Series: Part III (Download)
Advanced Medicaid Planning Series: Part I and II (Download)
Understanding Medicare Set Aside Trusts Part I and II (download)
Understanding the Difference Between Irrevocable Trusts for Medicaid and VA Pension Planning
Annuities and Promissory Notes in Medicaid Planning (download)
Top 5 Practice Tips for the Special Needs Practitioner (audio download)
Special Needs Trusts & Qualified Retirement Accounts