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Stop Winging It And Make The Sale

Attorneys spend lots of money on planning and implementing marketing plans. They spend countless hours developing relationships with referral sources. The goal of these efforts is to have a potential client book an initial consultation appointment to meet with the attorney and hire them.

However, when it comes to conducting that initial consultation where hiring decisions are being made many attorneys “wing it” and hope their legal knowledge and personality will close the deal for them. The result is often confusion, the donation of free legal advice by the attorney and vagueness as to the attorney/client relationship moving forward.

During this workshop, we will work together to help attendees identify the communication style that is most comfortable for the potential client and focus the meeting on their concerns both legal but also emotional.

Getting Potential Clients to “Yes”
Presented by:
Chuck Terry, SalesGrowth MD, and Jim Wolverton, JD, ElderCounsel
March 19-20   |   Location: The LAB @ Denver    |    Agenda