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Matthew Crider grew up in Texas and moved to California because he didn’t feel he was paying enough in taxes. OK, it was also because his wife, a California native, refused to move to Texas. But Matthew brought his Texas gentility with him to Cali, as people often say to him, “You’re too nice to be a lawyer!” Matthew has distinguished himself in the field of law in both Texas and California, where he’s licensed to practice. When he had a case go to the U.S. Supreme Court, however, it was rescheduled because another matter was deemed slightly more pressing – Bush v. Gore. Go figure! (The Crider name goes a long way, but it isn’t quite as powerful as the names Bush or Gore.) Matthew loves his work at Crider Law Group. It requires forward-thinking and creativity to come up with the best possible solutions for his clients, who call Matthew “dedicated, thoughtful, and compassionate” (to which Matthew says, “Aw, shucks.”) At the firm, he provides a wide range of estate planning services, advising individuals and families how to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their financial assets. He says there’s nothing more rewarding than helping people preserve their wealth through highly personalized and comprehensive estate planning. By listening closely to his clients’ goals, dreams, and concerns, he can help parents and grandparents leave their wealth to the loved ones they want, when they want those loved ones to have that wealth, and exactly how they want their loved ones to have it. Matthew regularly works with men, women, couples, seniors, young families with minor children, families with special needs children of all ages, entrepreneurs with business considerations, and established families. Matthew frequently speaks to public and private groups on issues of estate planning, elder law, veterans’ benefits, special needs planning, and family law. He’s active in the community as a member of WealthCounsel, ElderCounsel, and the Sacramento Estate Planning Council. He’s accredited by the Department of Veteran Affairs to assist veterans in filing claims. He’s also a member of Rotary International (Davis, California Sunrise Rotary). In his spare time, Matthew loves to spend time with his wife and two young children. He’s an adventurous and active sort, who loves camping, snow shoeing, and traveling – especially if the trip involves cycling. But since his kids are currently very little, the cycling travel is on hold until they’re a bit older. Then, those kids are in for a treat!

750 F Street # 2
Davis, California, 95616