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Alan has been in private practice since 2007, and is an expert in helping parents with special needs children prepare for their loved one’s safety and security throughout adulthood. He works extensively in Eastern Idaho and is known for his caring and compassionate nature as he helps families determine the best legal options to support their loved ones with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges.
While Alan specializes in guardianship and conservatorship for adults with developmental disabilities, he firmly believes that everyone deserves to be safe, protected, loved, happy, and to the greatest extent possible, self-reliant. For many adults with developmental disabilities, this can be accomplished without guardianship, and Alan helps families determine the level of support their loved one needs to be successful.
Alan is also an experienced estate planner, and is able to help families create wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and medical powers of attorney. Alan also specializes in Supplemental Needs Trusts, also called 3rd Party Trusts, that allow assets to be left to a person who needs government benefits such as Social Security Disability and Medicaid.
Alan developed the Collaborative Legal Planning Process™ as a way to help families with loved ones who have special needs. Over time, this process expanded to all areas of the firm’s practice. Alan is active in numerous community organizations and shares this method of coordination between families and professionals in the hope that families will feel empowered by their collaborations with the professionals in their lives.
Alan loves and is passionate about his family and is grateful for the lessons he has learned as a husband and father to 10 wonderful children.

1070 Riverwalk Dr Suite 257
Idaho Falls, Idaho, 83402