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Making the decision to practice as an elder law or special needs planning attorney is only the beginning. For many practitioners, the desire to “do good” is one of the main reasons for entering these niche areas. “Doing good,” however, is only part of the equation. If doing good takes precedence over earning a sustainable income and realizing consistent returns, the consequences can include working late, excess stress over paying bills and spending less time with family.   This leads to the question – “How are you able to do good while maintaining a thriving practice that yields profitable returns?”

And what about when you have an elder law practice, one that you have put your heart and soul and time into for years, but it just isn’t yielding the results you need to meet your goals, sustain your practice and build a legacy for the future?  What if you’re still putting in long hours but not seeing consistent results or a continued increase in profitability?  This leads to a very different but equally important question – “What changes need to be made now to see an increase in annual profitability and a reduction in both your stress and man hours?”

At ElderCounsel, Member Value is one of our Core Values:

By being responsive, relevant and consistently delivering value, we provide the tools and systems that enable ElderCounsel members to create stable, efficient and rewarding businesses as well as long-term relationships

We heard what you were saying, both members and non-members alike, about the help you needed to take your practice to the next level.  We know there simply isn’t one “right” way to do things when it comes to your administering your practice and designing the way you interact with clients and market to community professionals.  Let’s face it, if there were a “right” way, we would all be acting the same way and there would be no excitement arising from the limitless potential you can find within your very own law firm.  In response to your needs, we developed a customized program to get you where you want to be in your elder law practice through ElderCounsel Office Management.

Membership in the ElderCounsel Office Management Division provides:

  • Quarterly One-on-One Practice Development Goals and Guidance
  • The Only “How To” Elder Law Practice Guides with Accompanying Forms
  • Customized Marketing and Referral Network Development complete with scripts, powerpoint presentation series, and seminar ideas you can implement now or customize for your own elder law practice
  • Hiring and Staffing Protocols and Best Practice Tips
  • Client Development and Management Guidance
  • Multiple Hours of Live Education Per Month

As an ElderCounsel member, you also receive the following tools to help you with your marketing efforts:

  • Bi-monthly Newsletters for Referral Sources Together With Years of Previous Newsletters to Customize and Use Going Forward in Your Practice
  • Sample Powerpoint Presentations
  • Access to Hours of Recordings on What Other Members Are Doing to Increase Revenue
  • Content to Use for Blog Posts or Other Social Media Outlets

We provide the tools you need to ensure your practice success. We empower you to achieve the growth you desire and to achieve a more balanced approach to your practice.   To learn more about how ElderCounsel can help you reach your goals, check out our free 30 minute webinars, The Three Most Important Tools for Your Office and ElderCounsel Best Practices Series – Boost Your Bottom Line NOW! Want some ideas on marketing your elder law practice? Check out our free 1 hour webinar, Maximize Your Practice Potential: Create Elder Law Month in Your Local Community!

We recognize that every attorney we speak to has very unique needs and goals.  Accordingly, we do not offer a “one-size-fits-all” membership.  Instead, we will design a membership offering and pricing arrangement tailored to you and your law practice.