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What is an Immersion Camp?

ElderCounsel has coined the term “immersion camp” to describe the essential and robust courses we offer. These Immersion Camps are designed to immerse you into a particular practice area and bring you up-to-speed very quickly. 

Elder Law Immersion & Practice-Building Program

We have taken our very successful Elder Law Immersion Camp and SUPERCHARGED it into a 12-month interactive program!

Your “immersion” into the wonderfully rewarding world of elder law starts the moment you watch the “Getting Started” series. Next, you’ll attend our three-day in-person course and learn the legal and technical rules pertaining to Medicaid planning. You will also be introduced to marketing and practice building structures to give you the knowledge and confidence to take on clients right away!

Following your attendance at the camp, you’ll have four weeks of implementation. Your drafted documents will be reviewed with the instructors during a webinar. The rest of the year is filled with relevant educational topics that you can listen to on a suggested schedule or at your own pace. You’ll have access to 30 recordings! Each quarter we will get together to answer any questions you may have and to discuss successes and challenges our members have seen in the field.

3-Day Event Qualifies for up to 13.25 hours total CLE, 1 hour ethics.

Veterans Pension Planning & Drafting Immersion Camp

There’s an estimated 9.8 million senior-aged, wartime Veterans—even more surviving spouses—who could be eligible for monthly aid. You can help them. We can help you. Learn this area of law, changes to the eligibility rules, and gain confidence and knowledge.

The newly enhanced Veterans Pension Planning and Drafting Immersion Camp was created to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to be profitable in this area of law. Once you’ve learned the law, we’ll look at how to design and draft Veterans Asset Protection Trust documents.

Earn up-to 12.75 CLE hours. (Satisfies VA CLE eligibility requirement for attorneys in all 50 states.)


Special Needs Planning & Drafting Immersion Camp

Learn how and why you should incorporate special needs planning into your legal practice.

We will provide you with legal expertise you need to begin serving disabled individuals in and around your area. Special Needs Planning and Drafting Immersion Camp provides a solid foundation for practitioners entering this complex and dynamic part of law. After completing this course, you will be able to confidently take on your first cases and build on your knowledge base. Be rewarded, both financially and personally, as you help those in our society who have been historically under-served, but who are an important and substantial segment of our population.

Earn up-to 12.75 CLE hours