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Earn LAB Points and experience The LAB @ Denver!

We understand it’s a big commitment to take time away from your office and family to join us in-person at The LAB @ Denver and want to reward you for furthering your education. Earn LAB Points every time you register for an event at The LAB @ Denver!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register for an ElderCounsel education event.
  2. Earn 25 LAB Points for every $100 spent.
  3. Register for an event at The LAB @ Denver within 12-months, redeem your LAB Points, and receive a tuition discount. 1 LAB Point = $1

Apply LAB Points on any in-person event. There are no exclusions on which in-person events you can apply the LAB Points to. No limit to how much you can apply at one time.


Q. How do I earn LAB Points?
A. Receive 25 LAB Points for every $100 spent in a single transaction for an ElderCounsel education event, webinar, webcast, or in-person. LAB Points are earned on the amount of purchases after all applicable discounts are applied.

Q. How will I get my LAB Points?
A. LAB Points are automatically added to your account after you register for an education event.

Q. What does 1 LAB Point equal?
A. 1 LAB Point = $1. LAB Points is not legal tender. No cash back.

Q. When can I use my LAB Points?
A. Once you’ve earned the LAB Points, you can turnaround and use them immediately on another LAB @ Denver event.

Q. How do I redeem my LAB Points?
A. Next time you register for a LAB @ Denver event, you will get a prompt during checkout if you would like to apply your LAB Points to your tuition.

Q. Do LAB Points expire?
A. Yes. LAB Points expire 1 year after they are earned.

Q. I only spent $295. Will I earn LAB Points for the entire amount or only increments of $100?
A. We want to make the math easy and give you the biggest bang for your buck. You’ll earn 25% LAB Points on your rounded up tuition total.
Example: Your tuition was $595. We round that up to $600 and provide you $150 LAB Points

Q. How do I check my LAB Points balance?
A. View your LAB Points balance in your Account online (My Account>LAB Points)

Q. Are LAB Points transferable?
A. You able to transfer LAB Points within one member firm. You can not transfer LAB Points to another member firm. Contact your Account Manager and they will be able to assist with the transfer within your account.

Q. Can I use LAB Points on a webinar or webcast?
A. LAB Points are only redeemable for in-person events at The LAB @ Denver.

Q. Do I need to be a member of ElderCounsel to receive LAB Points?
A. No. Anyone that pays for an education course will qualify for LAB Points.