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Login Issues with ElderDocx Desktop

After the move to the new website some users experienced issues logging into their ElderDocx desktop application.

This is the remedy for that issue:

Explanation: The credentials you use to log into the ElderDocx desktop application are the same credentials you use to log into the ElderCounsel website, however, the website will allow you to log in using your username or email address. For most users, your username is your email address, but for some, your email address and username may be different.

If you are experiencing issues logging into ElderDocx on your desktop, make sure you are using your username and not your email address. Your password will be the same password you use to log into the ElderCounsel Website

Remedy: Click the link below to reveal your ElderCounsel website username and use that to log into ElderDocx desktop, along with your website password.