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I Can’t Find My Old Orders

Some of our old store products have been reorganized to give you an improved user experience. This may mean that products that were once a set of downloadable files, have now been restructured into an online course.

An example of this is our old course “Protecting farmland and other income producing property” which after purchase consisted of 4 separate sections: an online video, a PDF Download, a materials handout, and an MP3 download, which may have looked like this in the old site’s “Downloads” page.

Old downloads section

Instead, what we now have is a much more coherent and streamlined course which contains all video, audio and material downloads in 1 place.

This means that if you you have previously purchased this course from the old store you may be wondering where it is now?

To see any courses you are registered for, go to My Account > Courses.

Or from the Courses tab in your Account Page

My Courses

But what if I can’t find my purchase under courses?

If the product is a downloadable file, then you’ll find it under your downloads section in your profile.

A list of all of your downloadable files will be displayed to the right of the menu.

Download tab in menu

Another place to check is in your orders tab. Here you’ll find a list of all your purchases. 

Click on the View tab to see the details of your order. You may often find links here to your products as well.

The top link (A in the image right) – is a link to the product in the store. The bottom link (B in the same image), is a direct link to your product – in this case, a course.

Order Example