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How to Swap Names in ElderDocx

Step 1
After creating a matter, clients, and an interview in a document set (for this example we’ve used a Standalone Will), return to the matter screen and click the large “Create Document” button.

Step 2
Select the same document you created for the first party (in this case, Larry NameSwap), and this time select “Copy from Existing Answer Set.” In the first field, you will type the name of the answer set you want to create. In the second field, you can search for the answer set you wish to copy. Once selected, click “Create Document.”

Step 3
On the first screen, you see once you are in the interview, you will click the “Swap or replace Names” button.

Step 4
In the first field select whether you want to swap or replace names. Then choose the name of the original person on the document (in this case Larry,) and in the second select the person whom you want to be the primary of the document (in this case Debra.) And then click swap names.

Step 5
You will see a message appear as highlighted when you are done. Then press “Close.” The name swap is complete.