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SSA’s New SNT Attorney Fee Authorization Requirement

SSA’s New SNT Attorney Fee Authorization Requirement

What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

The Social Security Administration has taken steps effective June 25, 2019, to require advance approval of your attorney fee for preparing some, but not all, Special Needs Trusts (SNTs). Advocacy organizations are already seeking to rescind this rule, presently enforceable by civil and criminal proceedings.

This webinar will provide information to help you determine which SNTs are subject to the rule, which SNTs are not, and further, to understand which of two distinct SSA fee approval processes is more financially and administratively advantageous to use. Materials provided contain the various forms for the two SSA processes as well as suggesting practical steps to take immediately to maximize your chance of a favorable approval of your full fee while minimizing the administrative burdens on your compliance.

You’ll learn:

  • When SNT drafting triggers the SSA fee approval requirement.
  • When it is unclear whether fee authorization is necessary.
  • The criminal penalties facing SNT-drafting attorneys if they fail to file for fee authorization.
  • How to lessen the chance that SSA will use criminal penalties to enforce their new rule.
  • Fee authorization mechanics: when to use the SSA Fee Petition Process versus the SSA Fee Agreement Process.

Who should attend: Attorneys who draft Special Needs Trusts or pooled trust Joinder Agreements, as well as those who defend SNTs in SSA Reconsideration Conferences, ALJ Hearings, and the SSA Appeals Council.