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Learn by Doing: Presenting Online

Pre-workshop call: Tuesday, September 22, 2:00–2:30 p.m. ET
Friday, September 25, 1:00–4:00 p.m. ET
Hosted by: Law As a Business
Price: $99
Registration deadline: September 21, 2020

Get Hands-On Presenting Experience in a Safe Environment

Being an effective presenter in an online environment is not easy. It’s not something that can be easily learned and applied without practicing and receiving helpful feedback. This interactive workshop will do just that.
To get started, you’ll get instant access to watch a 3-hour on-demand course that will teach you the steps on how to give compelling online presentations.
Next, we’ll provide you a PowerPoint template so you can create a short presentation.
Finally, during the live workshop, each attendee will give their presentation, receive immediate feedback, and then present a second time during the workshop to put what they’ve learned into practice.
This experience will shave hours of presenting poorly and losing out on business. Cut out the awkward first time jitters in this safe space with your peers and experienced presenters.

Course includes:

  • On-Demand access to “How to Give Compelling Online Presentations”
  • Sample PowerPoint template
  • Pre-workshop call on September 22 to prepare you for your live presentation
  • Learn by Doing workshop on September 25 for hands-on experience presenting to an audience of instructors and other participants. You’ll receive immediate feedback, have the opportunity to make adjustments, and present a second time.
  • Experience using an online presentation platform to share your screen and present before a group in a safe environment.

“Learn by Doing” series – most legal service educational offerings involve one person lecturing while participants watch. Courses in this series are different. You will have the opportunity to apply the lessons learned, receive feedback from your classmates and observe others doing the same. This hands-on educational model has been proven to be effective in accelerating the learning curve and is way more fun! In this series you will also leave the workshops with presentations, plans, checklists and other real world tools you will use every day in your law practice.