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How To Build Your Law Firm For Sale™

How to Build Your Law Firm for Sale™

How to Build Your Law Firm for Sale™ – An Atticus Workshop

Have you ever wondered (or even fantasized) about selling your law firm?
Most small law firm owners spend years practicing but never spend a single day figuring out how to sell the firm or transition it to a successor. The logistics of making it all happen can feel incredibly overwhelming. They struggle to imagine how their practice would ever be viewed as a smart purchase by another attorney.
If you own a practice and you want to know what it would take to sell it, you should attend our one-day workshop. This session is focused on the core issues surrounding how to grow and prepare a law firm for sale and what buyers are looking for.
What You’ll Learn
Discover at the Workshop
  • The advantages and disadvantages of building a profitable law firm with a sale in mind.
  • The key decision you must make before preparing your law firm for sale.
  • Valuation: Determining your practice’s worth.
  • Value Drivers: What buyers look for in purchasing a firm.
  • Different strategies for selling your firm.
  • How long it really takes.
  • The most important strategies to put in place to get the best possible price.
  • Ethical issues affecting valuation in selling, merging or acquiring a firm.
  • Selling to a successor – Finding and grooming a successor. Creating a partnership track.
  • Selling to a third party, such as a competitor or a larger firm.
  • Elements of an offer package.
  • Ten big mistakes in preparing to sell a practice, and how to avoid them.
  • A recommended action plan for when you get back to the office after this workshop.

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