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Document Specific Updates

  • Caregiver Agreement: Added information to the interview explaining why we are not confident that a lump-sum Caregiver Agreement will work for VA purposes
  • Self-Settled Special Needs Trust: Updated the ABLE account CAUTION in the interview with relevant member experience
  • Standalone Will: Added an ALERT in the interview about using a personal property memorandum and how it might not comply with state law rules related to incorporation by reference
  • All documents: Added an ALERT about specific distributions of firearms

State-Specific Updates

  • Alabama: Added an Alabama-specific acknowledgement
  • Connecticut: Added the short form statutory Financial Power of Attorney. Made changes to the long form statutory Financial Power of Attorney
  • DC: Added the statutory Power of Attorney for Health Care. Added the Statutory Form Power of Attorney
  • Missouri: Updated document notary language from Notary registration to Notary commission no
  • Nevada: Made miscellaneous changes to the statutory Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions
  • Oregon: Updated the statutory Advance Directive to comply with recent statutory changes


  • Legal Directives and Docubank Forms: Added Legal Directives Enrollment Form and Docubank Enrollment Form. Forms can be found under Healthcare Documents
  • Clio Sync: Added middle initial field