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Questions completed for How to Get the Ideal Client in the Door

Questions completed for the practice development session “How to Get the Ideal Client in the Door.”
Questions covered:
– Describe the ideal client to your law firm in your own words.
– What are the two or three most valuable benefits the ideal client provides your firm?
– List the features, characteristics or qualifications you value most in an ideal client and then rank them in order of priority
– Does your staff value the ideal client the same way you do?
– What steps do you take in your firm to ensure every member of your team is on the same page when it comes to identifying, developing and understanding the ideal clients who are best for the success, growth and profitability of your law practice?
– What referral tracking forms do you use (or other methods within your firm) to support your assessment that these are the features, qualities or characteristics of your ideal client?
– When do you start identifying the ideal client?
– What is your typical practice when you determine the new client is someone who will not be an ideal client?
– What are ways the ideal client can support you in the growth and development of your practice?
– What about entering into a new practice area? Have your ideal clients helped you launch new legal services or promote events?
– What are the direct and/or indirect methods you employ to cultivate a relationship with an ideal client?
– Who is your best referral source of ideal clients?
– How many touches do you have with an ideal client each year? Each quarter? Is your contact based on a systematic approach?

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