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Completed Assignment for The Disaster Preparedness Plan You Need from A to Z

Completed Assignment for the practice development session “The Disaster Preparedness Plan You Need from A to Z.” Questions covered:
– Do you have a disaster plan now?
– How will you ensure you can access your office information together with client information in the event of a crisis?
– Do you have a list of the actions to be taken or tasks to be accomplished in a crisis?
– What do you address in your plan?
– Where is your plan maintained?
– Who has a copy?
– How do you train your team on your plan?
– Do your state bar rules require a disaster plan of any kind?
– If your state bar rules do not require a plan, do the insurance companies that insure you and your practice require a plan?
– Do your clients ask you for your disaster plans?
– Shifting the conversation, do you have a plan in place to prepare you for the possibility of a team member being out of the office for an extended period of time?

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