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Completed Assignment for Building the Referral Tracking System for Success

Completed Assignment for Building the Referral Tracking System for Success. Questions covered:
– At what point do you determine a client or a professional in your community to be a referral source?
– When this determination is made, what information do you consider most valuable to quickly obtain about this referral source?
– How do you obtain information about a referral source?
– How long does it usually take before you feel comfortable you have enough information?
– What is your next step (after you have identified the referral source and have enough information to proceed in the development phase of the relationship)?
– How do you implement your designed relationship with this referral source?
– What does your maintenance of this source look like?
– How do you evaluate the success of this relationship?
– What does your corrective action plan look like if a relationship is not working?
– Do you prefer broad or specific opportunities from a referral source? Why?
– How do you track the potential clients a referral source sends you?
– When and how do you acknowledge the referrals you are sent?
– What is the system you follow to keep the referral source updated on a specific new client’s case status?
– What opportunities do you provide the referral source to interact with your clientele?
– In previous sessions we have identified potential referral sources. Who in your community do you want to cultivate for this year?

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