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Your Dues Could Be On Us!

Our greatest asset is our membership. We especially value new members who find us by way of our current members because they tend to be like you: sharing, driven, and client-focused—a perfect fit for the ElderCounsel Community.

When the attorney you are referring mentions that you contributed to their decision to join, and then subscribes to an ElderCounsel membership, you will be rewarded with a free month of membership dues equivalent to the respective subscription dues (not to exceed your monthly membership rate) or 40% off any ElderCounsel education event (not exceeding the total of one month’s dues). And there is no limit to the number of people you can refer! You’ll be rewarded for each referral.

Share the benefits of ElderCounsel membership—refer a colleague by completing the below form. As a thank you for your referral, we’ll send you an Amazon Gift Card.