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In April, ElderCounsel spoke with members across the country to hear how their law firms were handling the changes needed to continue business during COVID-19. In the video series “In It Together,” we discussed everything from document signings to marketing plans.

Now that the country is lifting stay-at-home orders, Val caught up with a few of the members she spoke to in April to see how things are changing (or not) within their law firm. Catch up on the short video series now!

  • Heinz J. Brisske
    • How client meetings are being conducted
    • “Drive up” document signings in detail
    • Working from home as an essential business
  • Cary Moss
    • Rotating staff into the office and evaluating how to do this
    • Options for client meetings
    • Seeing an increase in May business
  • Amy Haupert
    • How client meetings are being conducted
    • Office setup to make clients and staff safe
    • Document signings and options they are giving clients
  • Lisa Dillman
    • Staffing choices based on practice area
    • Client’s reactions to video conferencing
    • Taking time to better analyze data for cash flow forecasts